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Online Shops

Sell your products and services online with a powerful eCommerce website.

  • Sell Products & Services

  • Sell Locally or Internationally

  • Solutions For Most Budgets

Ecommerce Websites From The Micro Agency

Why Choose The Micro Agency As Your Ecommerce Partner?

Selling online can open your businesses up to new customers and markets that would otherwise be unreachable.

At The Micro Agency, we can design and build you a stunning eCommerce website that allows your customers to buy your goods and services, pay securely and stay informed on their order status every step of the way.

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or you’re an old hat, The Micro Agency can present new solutions and opportunities that could spear head new growth shoots for your business.

Speak to us today about your new eCommerce website and make this year your best yet!

And remember, you’ll only ever deal with me, that’s The Micro Agency difference!

Gary Hartley

Gary Hartley
Creative & Technical Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re looking to launch an online shop. Can you help?2022-05-17T20:46:30+01:00

Absolutely. Online shops, or Ecommerce websites, are one of our core service offerings. We work with WooCommerce and WordPress to power our Ecommerce websites.

What Ecommerce platform do you use?2022-05-17T20:46:51+01:00

WooCommerce, on the WordPress platform.

What size of Ecommerce website can you build?2022-05-17T20:47:13+01:00

Technically any size but it’s common to have clients with hundreds of product lines rather than thousands.

Can we offer discount codes or other promotions?2022-05-17T20:49:19+01:00

Absolutely. Coupon codes are a great starting point when running promotions but there are lots of options available to you.

How is shipping offered and calculated?2022-05-17T20:49:38+01:00

Once we’ve established your shipping zones and methods, the system is setup to be fully automatic. Options include free shipping, table shipping, customer pickup and more.

How do we manage stock levels?2022-05-17T20:49:58+01:00

If you need to manage stock levels, Woocommerce, the Ecommerce platform we use to power your online shop, allows you to manage stock levels on single, variable, affiliate, digital product types.

Can we sell internationally?2022-05-17T20:50:15+01:00

Absolutely. International Ecommerce is certainly much more considered, and potentially expensive, but the world is your oyster when it comes to reaching your potential customers.

What types of products can we sell?2022-05-17T20:50:36+01:00

Physical products, intangible products, digital downloads, services, variable products, product bundles and more.

Can I sell products and services?2022-05-17T20:51:24+01:00

Absolutely, it is the year 2000 (+) after all.

Can I setup an affiliate scheme to help boost my sales?2022-05-17T20:51:44+01:00

Absolutely. We have experience in setting up affiliate schemes for clients. Speak to us today to discover the options available to you.

Can we offer multiple language and currency options on the website?2022-05-17T20:52:03+01:00

If you have the desire to offer multiple currencies and languages, we can advise on the options and costs.

Can we get our products on Google Shopping?2022-05-17T20:52:21+01:00

Yes, and where applicable, we recommend it.

How much are we looking at for an online shop?2022-05-17T20:53:08+01:00

Single currency, single shopping zone, low inventory online shops start from just £5k. Every online shop is different so contact us for a quotation.

Can you host my online shop?2022-05-17T20:53:34+01:00

If you’ve been looking for a website partner for some time you would have come to realise no website designer worth their salt would give an estimate without receiving a website brief. If they do, it’ll be more, we guarantee it. Quotes are typically made up of ‘time’ x ‘day rate’. Contact us for a quote.

What payment options can I offer my customers?2022-06-15T09:22:45+01:00

We can get you setup with all the usual payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, ApplePay and more. Whatever your preference, we can advise on the options available to you and the fees involved.

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