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The Probate Solicitors offer full estate administration, grant of probate and will writing services for all non-contentious Wills & Probate matters from expert solicitors, for low cost fixed fees.

The Probate Solicitors is a micro website for the law firm Ison Harrison Solicitors, which is marketed primarily through PPC.

The Probate solicitors is a great example of a law firm looking to cast their net further with a separate brand offering and a conversion-focused PPC website.

The Probate Solicitors Branding


Ison Harrison Solicitors required a new brand creating for their new PPC microsite, The Probate Solicitors.

The Micro Agency created a sharp, crisp and modern logo that brought their legal service offer into a digital space.

Wills & Probate and estate management are sensitive legal services so the brand had to inject trust and comfort from the very moment a website visitor arrives on the website.

The colour palette and choice of typography continue the modern, comforting proposition.

PPC Microsite.
Impressive results.

The Probate Solicitors is a great example of a Microsite that is created to promote a specific service or product and then marketed through a targeted PPC campaign.

The Probate Solicitors website aims to generate targeted, and highly qualified leads, for the services on offer. This is achieved by a conversion-focused design, useful related tools and information and a clear and short conversion funnel.

PPC campaigns cost-per-click so it’s imperative that the website generates a positive ROI from the budgets set up. This is where a Microsite typically out performs a more generic website, due in part to it’s PPC, conversion-focused DNA.

The Probate Solicitors website performs well above average, breaking all initially estimated projections and generating high value leads for the Wills & Probate team.

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The Probate Solicitors Homepage

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